GEAPS Announces Partnership With National Professional Agricultural Student Organization to Provide Training and Networking Opportunities

Minneapolis, MN - Jan. 27, 2020 - The Grain Elevator and Processing Society (GEAPS) today announced a partnership with the National Professional Agricultural Student Organization (PAS).

The agreement allows PAS members to join GEAPS and engage in training programs and networking opportunities to launch successful careers in the agriculture industry.

GEAPS Executive Director Steve Records sees opportunities for both sides of the agreement.

He pointed to the existing resources GEAPS has created as an important tool for the next generation in the workforce.

“As part of the partnership, PAS members can become Student Members in GEAPS,” Records said.

“They can take advantage of GEAPS’ education programs and attend events like chapter meetings and GEAPS Exchange to create new professional networks.

"Our members will benefit from connecting with this next generation of ag professionals as a way to recruit and develop new talent.”

GEAPS members are invited to engage in PAS programs, including judging student competitions.

PAS will ensure its members understand the resources available through GEAPS. The society offers online and in-person training in a variety of formats throughout the year.

National PAS Interim Executive Director Dana Ellis says the competitive nature of their organization drives members to succeed in the workplace.

“Partnering with GEAPS gives our members access to a lot of tools,” Ellis said.

“Our members are incredibly driven and are used to applying lessons in real-life situations.

"They will go on to be very successful in the ag industry, and this partnership should help open some doors.”

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