Grain Talk Podcast: Safety Expert Joe Mlynek Discusses COVID-19, Grain Elevators (29:30)

Battling the novel coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak has required changes in how people interact with each other and customers in the workplace. "Social distancing" is the new norm for many, but what does that mean for grain elevators?

Agriculture is an "essential" service, and grain elevators continue to operate as part of the food supply chain. Elevators face many unique challenges with regard to COVID-19 that address the immediate crisis, and also may lead to longer term changes.

Safety expert Joe Mlynek, founder of Progressive Safety Services LLC, Gates Mills, OH, and a content creator and partner with Safety Made Simple, Olathe, KS, joined Grain Talk on April 17 to discuss COVID-19, workplace precautions and how elevators have adapted day-to-day operations and safety training going forward.