Disposable Temperature Cables from Safe-Grain Inc. Help Protect Grain Quality in Temporary Storage

As temporary grain storage becomes an increasingly attractive option for elevators in an era of ever-improving yields, spoilage can put quality at risk.

Disposable temperature cables, which can be used with round- and bunker-style temporary storage systems, offer a solution to minimize potential spoilage and damage to profitability.

Safe-Grain Inc. disposable (one-time use cables) can be laid in, probed in or suspended from catwalks and conveyors depending on the storage system’s design.

Sensors can be read with a simple handheld portable SafeScan™ Digital Scanner and SafeScan software for a complete and economical grain quality solution. SafeScan also offers battery powered PC-based wireless systems complete with free smartphone apps and relay controls.

Temporary storage fully monitored with temperature cables that provide early warning of heat generated by grain spoilage is an economical solution that protects long-term investment. Visit Disposable Cables for Temporary Storage at www.safegrain.com for more details.

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