Heat, Drought Raise Red Flags About Spring Wheat Yields in Black Sea Region

Harvest of the Black Sea's winter wheat crop may be going well, but hot and dry conditions across Siberia and neighboring Kazakhstan are raising red flags that spring wheat yields will fall short of expectations, according to a July 28 report by Grain Central.

A hot and dry June and July have left both areas with soil-moisture reserves inadequate to finish the crop.

The International Grains Council released its latest world wheat numbers last week, cutting Russian wheat production by 1Mt to 78Mt.

This compares to the most recent USDA estimate of 76.5Mt, IKAR’s figure of 78Mt, up 1.5Mt this week, and SovEcon’s updated number of 79.7Mt, down from 80.9Mt.

To view the complete report by Grain Central, click here.

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