Jess McCluer: Regulatory Activities

FGIS published advance notice of proposed rulemaking on April 1, 2020 regarding a grain handling facility’s ability to obtain grain inspection services from an official agency (OA) other than the designated OA for the facility’s geographic area – if the facility has not been receiving services from the designated OA – and criteria to evaluate requests submitted under the ‘‘timely service” provision of the USGSA.

NGFA believes that the official grain inspection and weighing system continually must improve if it is to remain relevant and provide the service needed by the grain industry in the ultra-competitive marketplace in which the industry operates.

The official inspection and weighing system is designed to provide uniform service regardless of the provider.

This uniformity should extend beyond inspection results to include all aspects of customer service.

Responsiveness is more than being on-site when service is needed.

It also includes providing all the services that the officially designated agencies are authorized to perform whenever possible, working with the industry to meet new and changing circumstances, and providing results in a timely manner to grain handling facilities.

Reprinted from Grain Journal July/August 2020 Issue