Safe-Grain, Inc. Introduces SafeTrack™ Wireless Solar Powered Temperature Cable Scanners

Loveland, OH, Aug. 31, 2020 – Safe-Grain, Inc. introduces SafeTrack Wireless Solar Powered Temperature Cable Scanners.

The SafeTrack “Single Card Scanner” provides convenient monitoring of commodity temperatures in silos, bins and grain piles.

This all-in-one wireless unit incorporates a scanner, solar panel, radio, solar charge controller and lithium battery in a NEMA 4X weathertight enclosure.

Designed to monitor temporary storage or plies and distant storage structures, the SafeTrack Solar Scanner requires no electrical wiring or earth ground.

It may be used with three cables each with up to 6 sensors and 50’ maximum length temperature cables or one cable with up to 18 sensors and 150’ maximum length temperature cable

Multiple units may be installed in the same area.

The Solar Scanner is easy to install on a pole, strut, or railing.

The Solar Scanner may be connected to durable or disposable temperature cables.

The unit is part of the SafeTrack family of products which includes larger scanners with support for up to 43 temperature cables each. according to Scott Chant, President.

Advance features of the SafeTrack system include automatic scanning, data reporting and graphing, text and email alerts, exhaust fan control, grain level and remote monitoring over the Internet on a phone, PC or tablet. No subscription service is required.

RS485 Modbus output is available.

For more information, please contact Scott Chant at 513-398-2500 or