U.S. Department of Transportation Releases National Freight Strategic Plan

On Sept. 4, the U.S Department of Transportation released its first National Freight Strategic Plan (NFSP).

According to DOT, NFSP assesses the system’s current conditions and performance barriers, defines the agency’s vision and goals for the national multimodal freight system, and defines strategies toward achieving DOT’s vision and goals.

NFSP emerged through a multiagency effort involving consultation with freight stakeholders in both the public and private sectors.

DOT plans to use NFSP to guide national freight policy, programs, initiatives, and investments; inform state freight plans; identify freight data and research needs; and provide a framework for increased cross-sector, multijurisdictional, and multimodal coordination and partnerships.

This article comes from U.S. Department of Agriculture's Sept. 10, 2020 Grain Transportation Report.

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