USDA Weekly Crop Progress Report (Sept. 21): Corn Improves Slightly, Soybean Condition Remains the Same

As soybean and corn harvest continued in several states, its condition stabilized or got slightly better for the week ending Sept. 20 but the poor outlook in some key states did not improve, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Crop Progress Report.

Sixty-one percent of the corn in 18 selected states was in good/excellent condition, up from 60% the week before.

In Iowa and Ohio, less than 50% of the corn crop (42% for Iowa, 45% for Ohio) achieved that rating.

Meanwhile, soybeans in 18 selected states were 63% good/excellent, the same as the previous week.

As for wheat, 96% of spring wheat had been harvested in six selected states, and 20% of winter wheat had been planted in 18 selected states.

To see the full USDA report, click here.

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