Planters Co-Operative Joins CoMark Equity Alliance

Comark Equity Alliance (CEA) the region’s most innovative grain marketing, logistics and risk management company, is proud to announce the addition of its 29th member-owner, Planters Co-operative Association (PCA).

PCA brings eleven grain receiving locations and an additional 10 million bushels of storage to CEA, thus increasing the company to 181 locations with a total capacity of just over 165 million bushels.

“CEA’s associates and member-owners are extremely pleased that PCA has agreed to join our group,“ said CEA President Alan Woodard. “They not only add additional space, but new origination, marketing, and arbitrage opportunities.”

PCA General Manager Jeremy Gifford commented, “This alliance will enable PCA to improve our grain marketing abilities, increase product offerings and help our members better prepare for the future.”

Comark Equity Alliance, LLC is one of the largest federally licensed grain companies in the United States. The company was formed in August 2017 following the merger of Equity Marketing Alliance and CoMark Grain Marketing LLC.

CEA is comprised of farmer owned cooperatives with locations that stretch from Northwest Kansas, throughout Oklahoma, and into the Texas panhandle. These locations include three grain terminals and just over 165MM of storage capacity.

With offices in Enid, OK and Cheney, KS, the company is singularly focused on making its member-owners’ experience one that is unmatched in the industry by providing unparalleled grain merchandising, logistics, accounting, and risk management services. To learn more, visit

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