USDA Weekly Grains Inspected For Export Report (Dec. 14): Drops in Soybeans and Wheat Cause Continued Decline

Declines in the amounts of soybeans and wheat inspected for export the week ending Dec. 10 pulled down the total for all grains by another 6% from the previous week, according to today's Grains Inspected and/or Weighed for Export report by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

The Dec. 14 report indicated that corn was up 133,933 metric tons or 18% while sorghum increased from 73,503 metric tons to 197,844 metric tons over the same period.

Those increases, however, did not make up for decreases in soybeans from 2,585,571 to 2,368,781 metric tons (-8%) and in wheat from 536,881 to 261,164 metric tons (51%).

The total amount of grains inspected for export last week was 3,715,725 metric tons, down from 3,950,381 metric tons for the week ending Dec. 3.

The week-to-week decline in total grains was 18% the week before.

For the complete USDA report, click here.

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