NGFA's Jess McCluer Named 2021 Leader in The Field by Journal of Agromedicine

From the Jan. 8, 2021 NGFA Newsletter

The Journal of Agromedicine announced Jan. 8 that it has selected Jess McCluer, NGFA’s vice president of safety and regulatory affairs, as its 2021 “Leader in the Field.”

McCluer “instills agricultural safety and health across the industry by leveraging his unique blend of analytical skills, creativity and relationship management,” the Journal said in its announcement.

Since March 2019, McCluer also has served as Board Chair of the Agricultural Safety and Health Council of America (ASHCA), a coalition of agricultural business leaders, producer associations, risk managers and others joining together with safety associations, federal and state agencies, educational institutions and safety professionals.

The Journal said McCluer’s leadership has been especially crucial during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Agriculture was already one of our most hazardous industries, and none of the pre-pandemic hazards have gone away,” McCluer said.

“It’s more important than ever to work together on the non-competitive issue of agricultural safety and health.

"We’re seeing examples of how cooperation can bring better, faster solutions to challenges that producers and agribusinesses are experiencing.”

The Journal of Agromedicine announces its “Leader in the Field” in its first edition each year.

The recognition goes to an individual who has made significant contributions in agricultural safety and health practice, policy and research, the Journal said.

“It is so rewarding to acknowledge an industry representative as our Leader in the Field,” said Barbara Lee, senior associate editor for the Journal of Agromedicine.

“As safety advocates, we know that ‘research to practice’ is only possible when you have strong buy-in from business leaders in positions to ensure adoption of safe practices on the front line

McCluer said he’s grateful to the Journal of Agromedicine for recognizing the importance of workplace safety.

“Although I’m being recognized as a ‘Leader in the Field,’ I’d like to recognize the commitment and passion of my colleagues at NGFA, ASHCA, and affiliated organizations to prioritize the safety of workers delivering food, feed and fuel around the globe,” McCluer said.

McCluer joined NGFA’s staff in 2007 after serving as a program analyst at the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) Office of Outreach Services and Alliances.