ADM’s Greg Webb Earns 2020 Friend of ACES Distinction

Urbana, IL Connections in any industry matter.

They’ve always mattered to ADM’s Greg Webb, the 2020 Friend of ACES award recipient from the University of Illinois College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences (ACES).

Webb has been a major influencer of many successful collaborations with ADM and Illinois.

Most recently, Webb and ADM played key roles in supporting the new ACES Illinois Feed Technology Center, which was completed in fall 2020 amid the pandemic.

ADM provided $2.5 million to assist with construction funding for the forward-looking, industry-relevant research center for animal feed and nutrition.

“Efforts such as this reflecting a partnership between a major corporation, a major university, and other amazing collaborators do not just happen.

"They reflect dozens of calls, meetings, and other interactions to take a spark of an idea all the way to generating tangible outcomes for Illinois students, faculty, and staff,” says Kim Kidwell, dean of the College of ACES.

“Connecting is what Greg does instinctively, and he was instrumental in bringing this gift to the College of ACES to fruition.”

Raised on a fruit and livestock farm in Johnson County, Illinois, Webb was involved in 4-H and FFA, and knew early in his life that he wanted to work for an agricultural company.

After graduating from Southern Illinois University, Webb was a salesman for Effingham-Clay Service Company until 1981 and then was farm manager for Glenn Webb Farm until his ADM career started.

He joined ADM in 1986 as junior grain merchandiser and has served as vice president of State Government Relations since 2007.

The Friend of ACES award recognizes non-alumni friends who make outstanding contributions to the growth and success of the College of ACES.

“I am so humbled and honored to be recognized for this award,” Webb says.

“Humbled to be associated with such world-class entities as the College of ACES and the University of Illinois, and honored as I share this award with the many ADM colleagues who look perpetually to work with the university to enrich the quality of life.

"I love the work I get to do for the company, and enjoy the people I am privileged to engage with in our shared food and agriculture interests.”

Time and again, Webb serves as the go-to person for University of Illinois professors, center/institute directors, and administrators in need of an industry perspective or tangible industry support.

“Illinois agriculture lives in Greg’s heart and mind, and this enthusiasm makes him a true ambassador,” says Shannon Herzfeld, ADM vice president of Government Relations.

“We are proud of him, and we deeply appreciate Greg and the university’s work on our shared goal of shepherding the next set of leaders forward, embracing the opportunities awaiting Illinois agriculture and its thriving communities.”

Webb and ADM also played key roles in the ADM Institute for the Prevention of Postharvest Loss and maintaining Illinois’ presence as a center of world-class biotechnology.

Additionally, in his leadership role with the Illinois Leadership Council for Agricultural Education, Webb helps ensure funding for education to meet the needs of Illinois agriculture and to continually refresh the message to youth that agriculture is an important and rewarding career.

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