Research: Brazil Fed 10% of the World's Population Last Year

Sao Paulo — Reuters reported that farmers in Brazil fed some 10% of the world’s 7.76 billion population in 2020, according to a study by state-run agricultural research agency Embrapa.

The study, released March 4, focused on Brazil’s grains and oilseeds production as these are considered basic food staples that can be either used for direct human consumption or as animal feed for meat processing,

Embrapa issued the following statement:

"The findings highlight the country’s strength as a global farming powerhouse, as the South American nation went from being a net food importer in recent decades to become the world’s largest exporter of produce like soybeans, beef and chicken that it sells to China, the European Union and many others."

Researchers used international prices of Brazil’s grains output, as calculated by the International Monetary Fund, to arrive at the result.

Embrapa found that Brazil fed 772.6 million people last year, including more than half a billion abroad.

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