Airmatic Introduces Workmaster GO-B3 Hopper Car Gate Opener

Malvern, PA – AIRMATIC is excited to announce that WORKMASTER now offers a hopper car gate opener that’s both portable and powerful for Customers who need a lower-cost way to increase safety and productivity at their unloading sites.

The WORKMASTER GO-B3 Hopper Car Gate Opener, an industry first, is a unique, handheld, battery-operated

railcar gate opener.

What’s so unique about the GO-B3? “It’s a torque multiplier tool so it doesn’t impact – and it has a 24" torque reaction arm to easily and safely accommodate for the torque reaction,” says Bob Braun, AIRMATIC Sales Director and WORKMASTER Product Manager.

It’s very portable because it’s small and compact at only 30lbs – but can produce a torque output of up to 3,000 ft-lb. It’s also battery-operated, so there is no cord and no air to be concerned about. It’s also virtually maintenance-free.

The GO-B3 is meant for small to medium operations where there isn’t a large volume of hard-to-open railcar

gates in a typical day or week. “If you want to get something that’s going to be powerful and convenient, this

is a good tool to invest in,” says Braun.

“When people want to invest in a gate opener, they want to invest in getting the most safe and ergonomic option they can find for the budget they have available. This is a low-cost way to get something that’s more convenient [than opening by hand].”

Some of our Customers with whom the GO-B3 is most popular include those in the frac sand transloading, fertilizer transloading, and de-icing salt industries.

Where wouldn’t you use GO-B3? Sites that open a large volume of difficult-to-open gravity slide gates are not

going to choose this tool because of the speed at which it operates.

“If somebody is opening a large volume of more difficult to open gates, ideally, they’re going to use a wheeled cart style gate opener because it’s going to be faster, more powerful, more convenient, and easier,” says Braun. WORKMASTER also produces a line of wheeled cart gate openers for larger-scale operations available from AIRMATIC.

For more information, call Airmatic at 215-333-5600, Ext. 2101.