Safe-Grain, Inc. Introduces High-Flo Polyethlene Aeration Duct For Temporary Storage

Safe-Grain Inc., Loveland, OH has introduced the High-Flo Aeration Duct for temporary storage systems.

According to President Scott Chant, High-Flo Aeration Duct has the highest perforated open area of any known competitive product.

"More open area delivers more air to your grain in storage," says Chant.

"High-Flo provides 58% more open area in 18” diameter, and 45% more open area in the 24” diameter," he says, "and more open area results in a lower static pressure on the fans and more CFM of air to the grain."

Polyethylene aeration duct is used in all types of temporary grain storage. Typically, lower in cost and lighter in weight, it is also easier to install and retrieve. Polyethylene is corrosion resistant and forgiving of impact from unloading equipment.

High-Flo aeration duct is produced in 20 foot lengths and externally sleeved with a 100% Polyester seamless, run-resistant sleeve to prevent grain and grain dust infiltration.

Safe-Grain provides complete aeration design service for temporary storage including fans.

They also manufacture temperature detection systems with standard or disposable temperature cables, and provide replacement tarps for all of North America.

Safe-Grain recently introduced solar powered wireless with cell phone app temperature detection systems.

For information, call 513-398-2500.