Interfax: Russia's Agriculture Ministry Expects 2021 Grain, Wheat Crop to Decline

Moscow, RU (Reuters) — Russia's agriculture ministry expects the country's 2021 grain crop to decline to 127.4 million tonnes, including 80.7 million tonnes of wheat, the Interfax news agency reported today (May 21), citing the ministry's base forecast.

Russia competes with the European Union for the rank of the world's largest wheat exporter.

Turkey, Egypt, and Bangladesh are the largest buyers of its wheat.

Farmers in Russia were sowing their winter grains in dry soil last autumn for this year's crop, though mild winter partly repaired the damage.

The spring grain sowing is going well so far, but current dry weather means that more rains may be needed in the coming weeks — before harvesting starts in late June or early July.

Farmers have sown spring grains on 20.2 million hectares, or 69% of the planned area.

Two leading agriculture consultancies in Moscow — Sovecon and IKAR — said earlier in May they expected Russia's 2021 wheat crop at 81.7 million tonnes and 79 million tonnes, respectively.

Russia last year harvested 133.5 million tonnes of grain, including 85.9 million tonnes of wheat.

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