USDA Oilseeds: World Markets and Trade (June 10): Renewed China Demand Pushes Prices Dramatically Higher in Past Year

Washington, DC — Oilseed prices have risen dramatically over the past year, mirroring gains in corn and other grains over this period, according to the USDA Oilseeds: World Markets and Trade report issued Thursday, June 10.

While tight supplies precipitated by production shortfalls in corn and oilseeds and rising vegetable oil prices are important factors, so is the turnaround in China demand for oilseeds and grains.

There have been dramatic shifts in the direction of China oilseed imports over the past five years that roughly correlate with price movements.

Import demand began to decline in early 2018 in response to restrictions placed on Canada rapeseed and U.S. soybeans and accelerated with the onset of African swine fever (ASF) and its effect on hog numbers.

These events led to significant soybean stock‐building in the United States and rapeseed stock growth in Canada, which helped depress prices to the lowest levels in nearly a decade.

With ASF outbreaks waning and pig numbers rebounding, the pace of China’s demand began to turn positive, matching the growth rates seen earlier

To read the full report, click here.

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