IGP–KSU Pet Food Workshop and Extrusion Processing: Technology and Commercialization

Manhattan, KS — The Extrusion Processing: Technology and Commercialization course will cover various aspects of extrusion technology, equipment, and product development (including plant-based meat, snack foods, breakfast cereal, pet food, and aquatic feed processing).

A significant new feature is a full day of lectures and a hands-on session on plant-based meat with a focus on soy-based and other ingredients and a variety of applications.

There will also be other extrusion-based hands-on and applied lab sessions in which products such as breakfast cereal and pet food will be developed and evaluated.

Apart from learning about extrusion processing from experts in industry and academia, the course will also focus on strategic business planning for processing companies with the help of faculty from the Department of Agricultural Economics at Kansas State.

There will also be a session on the science and practice of sensory evaluation and consumer acceptance studies for new products, including a consumer panel consisting of course participants.

The course will also include a visit to Sabetha, Kansas, which is home to major manufacturers of extruders and ancillary equipment.

The Pet Food Workshop is designed as a one-day offering for pet food processors and ingredient suppliers that can be taken together with the four-day extrusion course in the same week, or as a stand-alone.

It will consist of experts, industry, and academic speakers from the areas of pet nutrition and processing.

They will provide the latest information on pet food ingredient trends; nutritional requirements for dogs and cats; specialty treats; sensory evaluation and palatability tests; and safety and HACCP issues.

It will also include a capstone lab session involving formulation exercises for pet food recipes.

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IGP–KSU Pet Food Workshop ... August 9, 2021

IGP-KSU Extrusion Processing: Technology and Commercialization ... August 10–13, 2021