USDA Weekly Crop Progress Report (June 21): Quality Declines Over the Past Week

Weather conditions were not kind to crops last week, with the quality of corn, soybeans, and sorghum declining slightly and spring wheat deteriorating by 10 percentage points.

Corn and soybeans in 18 selected states went from 68% and 62% good/excellent one week ago to 65% and 60% for the week ending June 20, according to today's U.S. Department of Agriculture's Crop Progress Report.

Top-producing states with the best crops were Nebraska and Indiana, while those with the poorest were Iowa and Minnesota.

Right in the middle was Illinois with 70% of its corn and soybeans rated good/excellent.

Sorghum in six selected states, meanwhile, slipped from 74% to 73% good/excellent and spring wheat plunged from 37% to 27% good/excellent from week to week.

Crop ratings from one year ago were 72% good/excellent for corn, 70% for soybeans, 47% for sorghum and 75% for spring wheat.

For the full USDA report for June 21 and previous weeks, click here.

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