Scoular Becomes Sole Owner of Rogers Grain

Omaha, NE — Scoular announced Sept. 2 that has increased its investment in Rogers Grain to become the sole owner.

Rogers Grain owns and operates an elevator and cleaning plant facility in Covington, OH, and Red River, OH.

According to Scoular, the investment "expands our capabilities in Identity preserved and non-GMO grains and oilseeds" and builds off a partnership that began in 2018.

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Rogers President Brent Rogers said in 2018 that the joint endeavor with Scoular leverages the strengths of both companies to provide local Ohio producers with improved access to premium markets for high quality specialty grains.

Rogers Grain was founded in the early 1950s by brothers Kenneth and David Rogers.

"Our 60 years’ of experience and Scoular’s access to premium markets for high-quality specialty grains will provide new opportunities for local growers," the company said on its website.

Rogers Grain has been involved in farming, agronomy and grain handling. In addition to being a local grain collector and distributor, it is a supplier of high-quality grains for international end-users of food grade commodities.

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