USDA Weekly Crop Progress Report (Sept. 13): Corn Quality Declines as Harvest Begins; Soybean, Sorghum Hold Steady

The quality of the U.S. corn crop declined yet another percentage point as harvest began in top-producing states during the week ending Sept. 12.

Today's U.S. Department of Agriculture's Crop Progress Report shows that 58% of corn in 18 selected states was rated good/excellent compared to 59% one week ago and 60% one year ago.

Soybeans and sorghum, meanwhile, each held steady at 57% good/excellent (soybeans in 18 selected states and sorghum in six).

Indiana widened its lead in corn quality among top-producing states, with 69% good/excellent corn and 67% good/excellent soybeans.

Nebraska pulled into second place on corn (66% good/excellent) but had best best soybeans, rated at 69% good/excellent.

Illinois came in third with 62% good/excellent corn and 61% soybeans.

Iowa's ratings were 59% good/excellent corn and 62% soybeans.

For the full USDA report for Sept. 13 and previous weeks, click here.

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