USDA Weekly Crop Progress Report (Sept. 20): Corn and Soybeans Improve, Sorghum Quality Decreases

As harvest continued in 18 selected states for the week ending Sept. 19, the quality of corn and soybeans both increased from the week before.

According to today's U.S. Department of Agriculture's Crop Progress Report, the rating for corn rose to 59% good/excellent from 58% and that for soybeans went to 58% from 57%.

Conditions for both, however, lag behind that of last year's crops, which were rated 61% good/excellent for corn and 63% for soybeans.

Meanwhile, sorghum in six selected states dropped to 56% good/excellent from 57% but is still looking better than at this point in 2020, when the crop was rated at 51% good/excellent.

As for corn and soybeans, Illinois advanced to first place among top-producers with 74% good/excellent corn and 75% good/excellent soybeans after falling down in the rankings the previous week.

Nebraska was next with 69% corn and 71% soybeans, followed by Indiana (69%/66%), and Iowa (58%/61%).

As for sorghum, Colorado had the best crop conditions with 65% good/excellent, followed by Texas with 63%, Kansas with 58%, Nebraska with 47% and Oklahoma with 41%.

As the result of drought conditions across the Northern Plains in 2021, Minnesota's corn was rated at 38% good/excellent and soybeans at 35%, while South Dakota's sorghum was rated at 22% good/excellent.

For the full USDA report for Sept. 20 and previous weeks, click here.

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