International Trade Organizations Call on World Leaders to Help 'Secure Global Supply Chains'

An open letter from global trade organizations on Sept. 29 urged world leaders to work together “to remove restrictions hampering the free movement of transport workers, and guarantee and facilitate their free and safe movement.”

These organizations assert such actions are urgently needed to secure global supply chains.

Specifically, the letter proposes prioritizing transport workers to receive World Health Organization-recognized vaccines, as well as implementing “globally harmonized, digital, mutually recognized vaccination certificate and processes for demonstrating health credentials (including vaccination status and COVID-19 test results).”

The collective industries represented by the organizations behind the letter account for more than $20 trillion of world trade annually (according to the letter).

The industries include 65 million global transport workers, more than 3.5 million road freight and airline companies, and more than 80% of the world merchant shipping fleet.