USDA Grains: World Markets and Trade (Oct. 12): Ample Supplies Enable Australia Wheat Exports to Soar Again

Washington, DC — Global 2021/22 wheat production edges up only slightly from the prior year, but consumption is projected to rise even more, according to the Oct. 12 Grains: World Markets and Trade report from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

As a result of smaller crops for some key exporters, importers are increasingly relying upon Australia to meet their needs.

After a multi-year drought, Australia wheat production rebounded in 2020/21, enabling exports to more than double compared to the previous year.

Exports are expected to hit a near-record in 2020/21 and are forecast only slightly lower in 2021/22 as larger beginning stocks offset a smaller crop.

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Australia’s share of global exports is forecast to rise to 12 percent in 2021/22 compared to only 5 percent 2 years ago.

Global corn production is up marginally with larger crops in Canada, the European Union, Venezuela, and the United States outweighing smaller crops in Guatemala, Russia, and Ukraine

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