Grain Talk Podcast: Landus President and CEO Matt Carstens on Optimization, an Alternative to Mergers, Acquisitions (34 min.)

Landus Cooperative, the largest Iowa-based farm cooperative, is forging a new collaborative business model as a successor to the mergers and acquisitions that have consolidated the agricultural supply and grain industries over the past 60 years.

Called “optimizations,” Landus announced the first of its six optimizations in April. The program was featured in the July/August GRAIN JOURNAL. You can read the article here.

In this Grain Talk podcast, Landus President and CEO Matt Carstens discusses the optimization model and the benefits Landus and its partners hope to realize from sharing each others' strengths while continuing to put the best interests of farmers first.

Carstens likens the process to dating, engagement, and marriage. Optimization gives the relationship an opportunity to develop without necessarily tying the knot via a merger.

This podcast is sponsored by M&M Specialty Services, LLC, Lansing, KS (913-705-0690).

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