Port of Savannah Offers Fixed 'Earliest' Dates For Receiving Export Cargo

The Port of Savannah recently began offering fixed earliest receiving dates (ERD) for export cargo through its terminals.

The ERD is the earliest date a loaded export container can arrive at the port in advance of the ship’s arrival.

ERDs have been volatile, and exporters often receive little to no notice when they change.

The new policy will help relieve accumulating storage fees (detention and demurrage), avoid amassing containers on dock, and prevent multiple truck trips to the terminal for the same load.

The port is also working with the ocean carriers to align cutoff dates — the latest date by which a loaded export container must arrive to make the vessel sailing.

Recently, there have been an excessive number of “rolled” containers — i.e., that carriers delay (sometimes, for weeks) past their initially scheduled shipments to wait for a later vessel.

The port hopes the work with ocean carriers will reduce the number of rolled containers.

This article comes from the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Nov. 18, 2021, Grain Transportation Report.

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