USDA Weekly Grains Inspected For Export Report (Nov. 22): Total Falls to Lowest Level in Eight Weeks

Total U.S. grains inspected for export fell nearly 1 million metric tons during the week ending Nov. 18 to the lowest level seen since the last week in September.

The total was a little more than 2.6 million metric tons compared to 3.6 million metric tons the previous week, according to today's Grains Inspected and/or Weighed for Export report by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Declines in inspections of soybeans and corn mirrored the 27% drop in total grains inspected, going down to approximately 1.7 million metric tons and 618,500 metric tons, respectively.

Wheat inspections, meanwhile, diminished by half, coming in at about 177,800 metric tons.

By contrast, sorghum inspections increased by more than 15 times to 162,500 metric tons.

For the full USDA report for Nov. 22, click here.

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