USDA Weekly Grains Inspected For Export Report (Nov. 29): Total Continues to Drop

With the exception of wheat inspections, U.S. grains inspected for export went down 9% more in the days leading up to Thanksgiving, according to today's Grains Inspected and/or Weighed for Export report by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Soybeans, which have been comprising largest portion of grain inspections, dropped nearly 300,000 metric tons (12%) to 2.1 million metric tons, driving down total grains inspected by a similar amount to 3.4 million metric tons.

Meanwhile, corn and wheat inspections pretty much cancelled each other out, with corn declining 59,587 metric tons to 766,063 metric tons and wheat increasing by 57,829 metric tons to 250,651 metric tons.

That represented a 30% increase in wheat inspections.

Sorghum inspections also went down by nearly 50,000 metric tons to about 190,650 for the week ending Nov. 25.

For the full USDA report for Nov. 29, click here.

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