Roger Introduces Roger onRamp™ to Reduce Compliance Risk For Shippers, Carriers

Omaha, NE — Shippers and carriers can reduce risk, manage compliance, and expand their business networks thanks to a revolutionary product called Roger onRamp™.

For shippers, Roger onRamp quickly and easily ensures their carriers have met established safety and insurance requirements and have signed the shipper hauling contract.

For carriers, Roger onRamp provides the ability to set up a digital profile and connect all insurance and business documents in one place, at one time.

The result is a faster shipping and compliance process with less risk — eliminating the important but outdated process of manually verifying business and insurance documents.

Roger onRamp, a new product from bulk freight technology innovator Roger® is available today for all shippers and carriers across the United States, including dry bulk, aggregate, flatbed, liquid, and more.

The compliance tracking system speeds up a once tedious process and reduces risk for shippers.

Here’s how it works:

  • Carriers set up a single Roger onRamp profile with their relevant company information and connect the account with their insurance agent. The insurance agent uploads a current certificate of insurance (COI).
  • Shippers who have an existing relationship with that carrier can access the information, eliminating the need to print, fax, file, and track the documents.
  • Carrier accounts are set up to monitor for annual renewal dates, automatically notifying the carrier’s insurance agents when renewed COIs are needed.
  • Shippers and carriers can easily find new partners through Roger onRamp that meet their shipping and compliance requirements. If both parties agree to a connection, onboarding is effectively complete.
  • New hauling contracts can be e-signed by both shippers and carriers, expediting the process so they can start hauling faster.

Shippers and carriers alike say this product solves many headaches.

A group of Roger customers have been testing Roger onRamp for the past few months and say the software decreases the amount of time spent on paperwork, reduces their risks of working with carriers who have fallen out of compliance, and allows them to easily make new, quick connections, speeding up business.

That’s exactly what Roger onRamp was designed to do.

“This compliance work has been done manually for so long, which cost both shippers and carriers time and money,” said Roger Product Owner Mara Jorgensen.

“Roger onRamp makes everything easy, standardized, and automated. It’s a perfect solution for both shippers and carriers.”

More information about Roger onRamp is available at