Governor Praises New Requirement That Iowa Gas Stations Sell E15

Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds released the following statement in response to the state legislature passing HF2128, which will require gas stations to have pumps selling fuel with at least 15% ethanol:

“This is a historic win for Iowa families, for our agriculture and biofuels industry, and for Iowa’s entire economy.

"By increasing access to more affordable, homegrown biofuels made right here in Iowa, we are lowering the price at the pump and getting America back on track toward energy independence.

“I am proud that my biofuels legislation will lead to the single greatest expansion of biofuels in our state’s history, while providing our industry with consistency in the face of ever-changing federal policy.

"I commend the legislature for working with me to advance this bill and I look forward to signing it into law in the coming days.”