China Pig Breeders Go High-Tech in Bid For Self-Sufficiency

Employees tag the ears of newborn piglets at a breeding farm of Best Genetics Group (BGG), a Chinese pig breeding company in Chifeng, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, China. REUTERS/Tingshu Wang

Chifeng, CN — Because China is the world's top consumer of pork, Chinese pig breeder Best Genetics Group (BBG) has many incentives to breed pigs that have larger litters, need less feed, and reach slaughter weight faster.

About 1.4 billion of them — since the goal is to wean the most populous country in the world from imports of pig genetic material.

"We must insist on our own independent breeding," Hao Wenjie, BGG's head breeder, told Reuters.

BGG is among about 100 farms enrolled in a state-led endeavor that promises to make a big difference in a market producing almost 700 million hogs a year.

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