USDA Weekly Grains Inspected For Export Report (5/31): Wheat Only Grain That Had Increase in Inspections

Total inspections of U.S. grains for export fell nearly 20% last week after inspections of corn and soybeans also dropped.

According to today's Grains Inspected and/or Weighed for Export report by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), corn inspections went down nearly 21% to 1.4 million metric tons (MMT), soybean inspections declined 35% to 378,000 metric tons, and the total plummeted more than half an MMT to 2.257 MMT.

Sorghum inspections also decreased week-to-week by 28% to 144,000 metric tons.

Wheat inspections were the only bright spot, as they rose compared to the week before by one-quarter to 344,000 metric tons.

For the full USDA report for May 31, click here.