Louis Dreyfus Company Opens Soy Liquid Lecithin Plant in Claypool, IN

Louis Dreyfus Company Agricultural Industries LLC (LDC) announced today the opening of its new soy liquid lecithin plant in Claypool, Indiana, US, positioning the site as the country’s largest facility integrating soybean processing, biodiesel production, and glycerin and lecithin refining operations, as well as a food-grade packaging line and canola oil distribution terminal.

“This development is part of LDC’s strategic plans to diversify revenue streams through value-added products – in this case, by expanding our presence in the ingredients value chain and diversifying our food and feed solutions portfolio,” said Gordon Russell, LDC’s US Head of Grains & Oilseeds. “Lecithin is a natural extension of our existing operations in Claypool, where we have also increased our edible oils and refined glycerin origination and production capabilities.”

The new lecithin plant comprises best-in-class clarification, drying and degumming process technology. “Thanks to rigorous controls at every stage of the production process, laboratory enhancements and ISO level 7 food grade packaging operations, our facility offers customers product quality assurance, as well as a range of packaging options in bulk trucks, totes and drums,” added Gordon Russell.

The facility will enable food manufacturers to obtain product attributes that customers increasingly desire for lecithin, a versatile emulsifier, dispersing agent, antioxidant and flavor enhancer that can be used in a variety of food applications, including confectionery, chocolate and prepared foods.

For more information about LDC’s business in the United States, visit ldc.com/us/.