​Cargill to Open Corn Syrup Refinery in Fort Dodge, IA

Cargill is opening a new, cutting-edge, corn syrup refinery in Fort Dodge, Iowa. The facility, which represents more than a $50 million investment, significantly expands the company’s ability to meet growing demand for corn syrup and in a more sustainable way.

As the global population continues to grow, the demand for corn syrup continues to grow, especially given its important functional benefits in products ranging from infant formula to confection,” said Mike Wagner, Managing Director for Cargill’s starches, sweeteners and texturizers business in North America.

Adding this new corn syrup refinery further fortifies our supply network and ensures customers can continue counting on Cargill to be a reliable source of this sought-after ingredient.”

In keeping with Cargill’s commitment to reduced Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions across our operations, the new refinery will employ state-of-the-art, energy efficient technologies and processing methods.

When coupled with the fact that the Cargill Fort Dodge facility is powered from the MidAmerican Energy electrical grid, which is made up of more than 88% renewable sources, the new production process will reduce CO2 emissions by close to 50% compared to typical corn syrup production methods.

This new refinery is the latest example of how Cargill is working to lower our environmental impact across operations using advanced technology to minimize our carbon footprint,” said Sydney Pokorny, Cargill Fort Dodge Biotechnology Campus facility manager.

When fully operational, the new plant will supply corn syrup to customers globally with initial shipments expected to begin by mid-2024.