USDA Grain Transportation Report 1 (9/22): FHWA Invests $10 Million to Reduce Highway and Port Congestion

According to USDA's Grain Transportation report, under its Advanced Transportation and Congestion Management Technologies Deployment program, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) recently awarded nearly $10 million for trucking-related projects in California and Kansas.

On U.S. Route 83, a two-lane corridor critical to freight transport in Kansas, a $6.7 million grant will help install 100 miles of fiber-optic cable and advanced technologies.

The technologies will provide traffic, weather, and other information to optimize truck-freight routing and improve economic productivity.

At the Port of Los Angeles’s Gateway project, a $3 million FHWA grantwill help implement cloud-based artificial intelligence (AI) to streamline the staging of cargo and empty returns.

The AI application introduces a new approach to reducing port congestion by helping to direct cargo owners, truckers, and drayage drivers.

Read the report here.