Uni Tube Universal Industries Introduces New Rail Car Unloader

Uni Tube® by Universal Industries, Inc.®, who has been producing high quality Tube Conveyors, Field Loaders and Whole Grain Systems®, announces the addition of the Rail Car Unloader.

The rail car unloader tube conveyor is used to unload train rail cars. This is accomplished by having a low tail clearance of only 4.5”, all while reducing mechanical damage to your product. A gas-powered Self-Propelled package is included.

The Self-Propelled package features a self-contained hydraulic self-propel package that allows control of all conveyor functions, including steering to easily maneuver and drive the rail car unloader across the ground. It also allows hydraulic running of the belt and raising and lowering to the appropriate filling height, all from the same valve as the steering and propel functions.

“At Universal Industries we are committed to new products and continuous product improvement in order to provide our customers with the most efficient equipment on the market today,” said Zach Brashears, mechanical engineer for Universal Industries.

The Rail Car Unloader is built to the highest standards demanded of all Uni Tube® and Universal Industries®products and backed by their world class customer service.

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