USDA Grain Transportation Report 1 (10/6): Closures and Restrictions on Lower Mississippi River Announced

According to today's USDA Grain Transportation Report, to accommodate removal of a gas pipeline, the Lower Mississippi River (LMR) will implement a series of closures and restrictions in October and November.

South of mile marker 189.5 (roughly 80 miles north of New Orleans), the LMR will be closed to all southbound trafficfrom 7 pm to 7 am, October 17-22, October 26-31, and November 4-8. Southbound traffic may need to proceed more slowly than usual on October 4-6, October 23-25, and November 1-3. November 9-15 are reserved dates, pending any incomplete removal operations.

During the periods of closures and restrictions, southbound traffic should check with Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) at mile marker 205, and northbound traffic should check with VTS at mile marker 167.

During the same periods, tows with more than 20 barges should be aware of limited safe mooring areas south of the Interstate-10 bridge. With harvest progressing, the barge industry is already struggling with low water levels and reduced barge supply.

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