REMBE's EXKOP System Provides Safe Combustible Dust Explosion Isolation

REMBE® is a leader in the innovation of high-quality combustible dust explosion protection safety systems. A safe and effective means of isolating enclosures must be an integral component of such a system. The NEW and IMPROVED REMBE® EXKOP® isolation system is available for many more applications such as ST 2 dusts, reduced explosion pressures (Pred) of up to 2 bar, and larger diameters! Also the new EXKOP® Express controller allows for much greater connectivity of your process safety systems.

Why Isolation?

Explosion isolation is required per NFPA and essential to protecting adjoining areas and system components against propagating combustible dust explosions. Process equipment is usually connected by pipelines through which, if an explosion occurs, fire and pressure can spread very rapidly. Propagating explosions pose increased risks of injury, equipment damage and secondary explosions. The intensity of the explosion in connected vessels is increased by pressure piling and flame jet ignition.

This sequence of events can be prevented by the REMBE® EXKOP® isolation system consisting of a control panel such as the New EXKOP® Express, triggering devices, and one or more fast-acting isolation devices. In the event of an explosion detection by either infra-red optical sensor or pressure switch signals, the EXKOP® Express controller activates the connected explosion isolation systems such as the REMBE® QV II or QV III quench valve. The integrated elastomer seal within the quench valve closes within milliseconds and is easily reset at the press of a button. For abrasive materials, the REDEX Slide and RSV fast-acting knife gate valves provide reliable bi-directional protection.

Depending on the needs of your process, the REMBE® EXKOP® Express can also be used to activate the Q-BicTM chemical extinguishing barrier in one or multiple pipes. The Q-BicTM system can protect large diameter pipes and the hygienic interface is compatible with sanitary food applications such as spray dryers and pneumatic conveying.

Whether it’s food, pharmaceutical, chemical, wood or metal dust, the REMBE® EXKOP® System protects people, property and processes from the effects of a propagating dust explosion.

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