USDA Grain Transportation Report (12/29): Fuel Tax Set to Rise in Three Midwestern States

According to today's USDA Grain Transportation Report, on January 1, 2023, fuel tax increases will take effect in Illinois, Michigan, and Nebraska.

Originally set for July 1, a fuel tax increase in Illinois was postponed for 6 months to help offset rising inflation and high fuel prices nationwide.

With the rate increase in place, Illinois’ excise taxes on gasoline and diesel will rise 3.1 cents to 42.3 cents and 49.8 cents, respectively.

Likewise, on January 1, the Michigan diesel tax rate will rise 1.4 cents to 28.6 cents. Also, on January 1, the Nebraska diesel tax rate will rise 4.2 cents to 29 cents, and that rate will remain in effect until June 30, 2023.