Steve Records, Head of GEAPS, Resigns Leadership Roles

The Grain Elevator and Processing Society informed its members today that Steve Records, who has served as GEAPS' executive director since August 2019 and as CEO of GEAPS Media Group since last year, has announced his resignation.

GEAPS has achieved much during Records' tenure in big and seemingly small ways. From navigating the challenges of a global pandemic, forced cancellation of GEAPS Exchange in Minneapolis to launching a new website, enhancing communication channels and offering new ways GEAPS members and industry partners to promote themselves, GEAPS has evolved to meet the growing and changing needs of the grain industry.

“It’s been my privilege to be part of GEAPS over the past 3.5 years. I am proud of entire GEAPS team – the GEAPS Board, the Association staff, the GEAPS Media Group staff and all of the chapter and committee leaders and volunteers. Together we have had tremendous success,” Records said. “While I am sad to be leaving in the midst of the progress GEAPS has made, I am fully confident in the trajectory of the organization. Between the leaders on the Board and the very capable staff, GEAPS is both well positioned and in great hands.”

 The GEAPS Board of Directors is already working on a transition plan, both for the interim period and for the long term. The Board knows the selection of an Executive Director is one of its most important duties—and one that has lasting impact on the organization.

“We would like to thank Steve for looking beyond the status quo and imagining the potential of where GEAPS could go. He guided us to be a more engaged Board of Directors to better lead for our members,” said Barb Grove, who serves as Chair of GEAPS Board of Directors.