Iowa Renewable Fuels Producers Are Energized But Angry

During his state of the industry address at the 2023 Iowa Renewable Fuels Summit today, Iowa Renewable Fuels Association (IRFA) Executive Director Monte Shaw said that the Iowa biofuels industry is “energized, but a little bit angry.” The mixed mood derives from the expanding opportunities to grow renewable fuels use coupled with ongoing efforts by some elected officials and interest groups to block those very possibilities.

“The Iowa renewable fuels industry is energized, but a little bit angry,” stated Shaw. “Producers are energized because the world is demanding clean, affordable, renewable energy, and we can deliver. Why a bit angry? To put it simply, we are sick and tired of the unnecessary roadblocks from elected officials and interest groups that want to protect their cherry-picked forms of energy – whether that be supporters of fossil fuels or electric vehicles.”

One source of frustration cited by Shaw was when “the White House broke its promise” to have the Midwest E15 solution finalized in time for the 2023 summer driving season. “Someone in the White House put the brakes on. This will cause irreparable harm to thousands of fuel retailers and millions of consumers. To put it bluntly, we were told to be patient and keep quiet, and everything would be fine for this summer… So, yes, we’re a little bit angry.”

Another challenge are groups who want to completely block Iowa ethanol producers from utilizing carbon capture and sequestration (CCS). Shaw remarked, “I’m not here today to ask you to support carbon policies or clean fuel tax credits. I am here to ask you to honestly consider the real-world impact they have on Iowa’s ethanol plants. If we want to maintain or grow Iowa ethanol production, it will require CCS.”

To view Shaw’s full prepared remarks, click here.