BinMaster ... Level Measurement and Inventory Management

Rotary Level Indicators

• High/low point level detection.

• Mounts on top or side of a bin.

• Alerts via horn, light, or console.

• Variety of extensions and paddles.

• Adjustable top-mount rotary.

• Collapsible paddles for simple installation.

• Fail-safe protection option.

• Hazardous location approvals.

BinCloud Inventory Software

• Real time, 24/7 access to bin levels.

• Automated email or text message alerts.

• Compatible with most BinMaster sensors.

• Multiple users, multiple sites, countless bins.

• Sorting by contents, locations, and levels.

• Push-button reporting.

• Use for grain, agronomy, fuel or fertilizer bins or tanks – at one or many sites.

SmartBob Inventory System

• Automates the tape measure.

• Measures bins up to 150 feet tall.

• Integrated 4-20 mA analog output option.

• Local network reporting via Binventory™ software.

• Cloud-based inventory using BinCloud® on a phone, tablet, or PC.

• C-100 console to locally monitor bin levels.

• Explosion proof, Class II: Groups E, F, and G.

• Phone and text alerts.

Vibrating Rod Level Sensor

• High/low level indication, or plugged chute detection.

• Unique “blade” probe design reduces false alarms caused by buildup.

• Insertion length 7.37 in. up to 13 ft. with rigid extension.

• Flexible extensions up to 19 ft.

• Remote electronics available.

• Vibrating rods or tuning forks for hazardous locations.

• Compact 1 in. or 1-1/4 in. NPT models for small hoppers.

3DLevelScanner Multiple-Point Accuracy

• Continuous, non-contact measurement.

• Performs in extreme levels of dust.

• Measures and visually maps uneven powder or solid material surfaces.

• Detects cone up, cone down, and sidewall buildup.

• Provides minimum, maximum, average distances, estimated volume.

• Historical bin level data for trend monitoring.

• Multi Vision software for multiple bins.

• Measuring range up to 200 feet.

• MVL multiple-scanner system for large bins.

PROCAP Capacitance Probes

• High/low point level detection or process control.

• “Quick-Set” calibration, sensitivity of 0.5 pF.

• Switch selectable high/low fail-safe.

• PRO-Shield compensates for material buildup.

• Sleeved, bare, food grade, and flush mount probes.

• Flexible extensions up to 35 feet.

• LED sensor status: uncovered, covered, or power failure.

• Set for immediate alert or up to 30-second delay for covered or uncovered conditions.

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