Walinga ... Pneumatic Conveying Systems, Dust Control, PD Blowers, Airlocks, and Engineered Transportation Equipment

VacBoss Grain Vac

• Many different models available allowing the customer to customize the machine for specific applications.

• PTO, diesel, and electric with capacities up to 5,500 bph.

• Vacuum and pressure capabilities for virtually damage-free conveying.

• Unprecedented 5-year/2,500 hour abrasion-free blower limited warranty. The BlowerGard™ filtration virtually eliminates wear to the blower caused by abrasive dust.

Ultra-Vac and Agri-Vac Pneumatic Conveyors

• Powered by a 185 hp 6068T

• John Deere diesel engine. PTO models also available.

• Moves grain up to 7,000 bph.

• Hydraulic truck loading kit.

• Ideal for many different applications – loading and unloading.

• Can be used to pull product from up to 200 ft away or push product vertically up to 500 ft.

Central Vac Dust Control System

• Low-cost solution for clean up of varying types of products throughout a facility.

• Features splash-lubricated Super Chrome Blower: 1,100 or 1,800 cfm capacity.

• Can be configured as a two, three, or multi-point pickup system.

• Self-cleaning air purge filters – keep your feed mill clean.

Ultra-Lite Bulk Feed Delivery Units

• Maximum load capabilities.

• Minimum weight to strength ratio.

• Low maintenance requirements.

• All aluminum long sills.

• Extruded aluminum divider ribs.

• Extruded aluminum roof rail – rain gutter.

• Wireless remote control.

• Air-operated hand-rails.

Heavy-Duty PD Blowers

• Precision machined cast iron housing.

• Heavy-duty seals and bearings.

• Two lobe configuration.

• Easily adaptable to most OEM applications.

• Complete blower packages available.

Rotary Vane Airlocks

• Heavy-duty cast iron casing.

• Solid rotor or adjustable stainless steel tips.

• “Drop Thru” or “Blow Thru” configurations.

• Precision machined.

• Round or square base.

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