Hrvyst and Greenstone Systems Collaborate to Improve Agribusiness Data Access

Hrvyst, an agricultural technology platform from R.J. O’Brien & Associates (RJO), joined forces with Greenstone Systems, a Cultura Company, to enhance data accessibility by integrating Hrvyst's cash bids and futures pricing into MyGrower, Greenstone's grower engagement platform.

Hrvyst will manage the implementation of the integrations. Each agribusiness can activate the appropriate bids for the commodities that pertain to their facility. This integration allows MyGrower's users to operate their business through mobile devices or computers.

In addition, the real-time publishing of bids is now available to merchandisers and originators through the Hrvyst / Greenstone integration. Mutual MyGrower and Hrvyst customers can now utilize the Hrvyst cash bids and futures integration.

“Hrvyst is honored to be a Greenstone partner, now providing grain bids and delayed futures quotes to the MyGrower app,” said Lori Wyman, head of product, vice president of sales at Hrvyst. “The MyGrower app empowers the grower to make impactful, real-time decisions. Growers can create offers at their fingertips and have reliable market information, real-time ticket information, live contract, statement and inventory balances, along with a host of other relevant information.”

“We’re thrilled to offer this latest option to provide more value for our customers’ farmers,” said Scott Dilts, senior product manager for MyGrower. “The integration significantly enhances grain elevators’ digital experience by adding their relevant basis, futures and cash prices alongside their other information including tickets, contracts, settlements and more. And for the first time in MyGrower, farmers will be able to act on that information and submit offers from within the app. This makes our partnership with Hrvyst a significant step towards making MyGrower the central platform for interactions between grain elevators and their farmer customers.”

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