Sukup Manufacturing Co.

• Complete line of centrifugal and axial fans

to meet your aeration needs.

• Highest airflow has made Sukup #1

in centrifugal fans.

• Fan wheels are dynamically balanced

for smooth, trouble-free operation.

• Sukup has more than 40 years of

experience in manufacturing fans.

• Up to 165 ft. diameter bins.

• Capacities from 3,000 to 12,000 bph.

• Operates in automatic or manual mode, using a PLC.

• Heavy-duty welded frame.

• Zero-entry touch screen controls.

• Controls include moter VFDs and safety interlocks.

• Capacity to 60,000 bph

(48-inch pulley).

• Low-impact head design allows grain to slide gently along the contour of the head, instead of bouncing off of it.

• Split-head construction for easy interior accessibility.

• Galvanized construction.

• Heavy-gauge, huck-bolted legs.

• Exclusive squaring plates with patented alignment pins ease


• Welded tubular side construction with

bolt-in bottom.

• Hot-dipped galvanized finish.

• Patent pending wind plates provide a

solid connection and offer more

resistance to torsion than current

connection methods offered by


• Knock-down design for economical shipping.

• Capacities up to 60,000 bph.

• Heavy-gauge, galvanized steel


• Patented dust-proof and weather-tight covers.

• HD engineered chain with ½ in.

UHMW flights.

• Shaft, sprocket, and bearings can

be easily removed as one piece.

• Split sprocket with hardened teeth.

• Capacities up to 12,000 bph.

• Grain exchangers turn grain for more equalized drying.

• QuadraTouch ProTM controls make Sukup Tower Dryers easy to operate and the control box can easily be located remotely.

• Stainless steel outer screens, nuts and bolts resist rust.

• Extra-large wet holding bin features solid

sheeting to keep grain dust and particulate

matter confined within the dryer.

• Optional particulate shroud (pictured).

• Up to 2.25 million bushel maximum

capacity – 165 ft. diameter.

• Up to 150,000 lb. peak load ratings.

• Double-ended stud bolts eliminate water infiltration between laminated sheets and grain at stiffener location - Patent No. 10,407,935.

• Full line of accessories and material handling equipment

also available to complete your system.

• Knot-passing pulley, restrain anchor and

safety line retrieval line are standard.

• Hot-dipped galvanized finish.

• Heavy-duty ASTM A325 hardware.

• Computer engineered, strength-staged for wind, seismic, cleaner, catwalk, and other loads.

• Inverted V-Bracing on 14 ft. x 14 ft. and larger.

• Modules available in 20 ft., 10 ft., and 5 ft.

sections. (Pictured: 20 ft. x 20 ft. x 195 ft.)

• Knock-down design for economical shipping.

• Optional wrap around or switch back stairs and interior or exterior platforms are available.