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Delux Dryer ... A Bigger Replacement for LaBlot Farmers Grain Co.

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New Delux dryer at LaBlot Farmers Grain Co. in South Shore, SD.

Propane-fired dryer quadruples capacity for South Dakota facility

When a fire destroyed an old 800-bph grain dryer at LaBolt Farmers Grain Co. in South Shore, SD (605-756-4220), in early 2020, the cooperative had the chance not only to replace it but boost drying capacity, as well, at the branch elevator in far eastern South Dakota.

“Exactly what we had would have been hard to replace,” says General Manager Leo Reiffenberger. “We looked around at a number of dryers and selected a Delux dryer. We liked the features and the operational setup, so we went with that.”

Specifically, Reiffenberger says, he and his employees at South Shore liked how easy the dryer was to start up with the harvest season and to operate.

Over a two-day period in July, the cooperative installed a Delux Model DPX16GT40 dryer rated at 3,300 bph at five points of moisture removal, 1,968 bph at 10 points. The dryer is fueled by propane.

The dryer is manufactured by Delux Mfg. Co., Kearney, NE (800-658-3240). The dealer for this particular dryer was Grain Dryer Services in Alexandria, MN (320-760-6056).

Dryer features StayKleen design

Among the features Delux notes for its dryers:

  • MoistureLinkTM G2 This automatic moisture controller takes the hassle out of manual control by adjusting the metering rolls for accurate discharge moisture.
  • The operator can remain informed of the dryer’s status with any Web-enabled device and use it remotely to change the plenum temperature, target discharge moisture, or even shut down the dryer. In the event of a dryer shutdown, a fault notification feature tells the operator why the dryer shut down. The operator also can schedule text and email notification of dryer status. Service technicians also can access the dryer control remotely to troubleshoot problems.
  • Vacuum cooling. Internal fans draw fresh air through the cooling grain resulting in significantly lower gas usage and better grain quality. The low-speed fans are insulated by 12 inches of grain for quieter operation. The air and temperature are consistent for the full length of the dryer, providing more even drying and moisture distribution.
  • StayKleen design. This feature keeps the heat deck and the cooling section clean. The pressurized plenum pushes trash into the cooling section. Unique hopper-designed cooling floors channel this trash back into the discharging grain, drastically reducing the need for internal cleaning.
  • Catwalks. Standard outside platforms allow easy access to switches, belts, and motors on the large garner bin through a standard access door. Catwalks, standard on DPXSL models, provide safe access to grain turners, exhaust controls, and the outside top of the dryer.
  • Grain turner. This feature moves the hotter inside grain to the outside of the column and moves the cooler outside grain inward. This dries the grain more evenly for better quality. This also allows a short steeping area for the grain. This process increases the output rate of the dryer for more efficient operation.
  • Drag conveyors. Conveyors move at a relatively low speed, creating less friction and maintaining better quality. Discharge drag conveyors are standard on all models exceeding 1,500 bph.

The Delux crew took less than two days to install the dryer and provide training. Reiffenberger says he may have the trainers back for another session in 2021, since dry weather in the summer and fall meant the dryer received relatively little use. When the dryer was used, it performed very well, he says.

Ed Zdrojewski, editor

From the November/December 2020 GRAIN JOURNAL

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