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Hull Feed & produce uses AgVision software for grain and financials

Doug Pollema took over as the owner and manager of Hull Feed and Produce in Hull, IA in 2008.

The next year, he changed the company’s agribusiness software provider to Ankeny, IA-based AgVision.

“I looked at one other agribusiness software company, but I picked AgVision because it interfaces so well with the Easy Automation, Inc. (EAI) software that we use for our feed mill,” he states.

Pollema recalls the three reasons he choose AgVision. “I already knew how AgVision’s Commodity Manager grain program works,” Pollema adds. “And some other people I knew in the feed industry were using AgVision, and they recommended it to me. Plus, AgVision has an excellent reputation.”

Milling Feed for Livestock

Hull Feed & Produce mills 100,000 tons of livestock feed annually. The company’s primary feed customers consist of swine operations in livestock-rich northwest Iowa. Hull Feed & Produce also produces cattle feed and lesser amounts for sheep.

Commodity Manager

Hull Feed & Produce uses AgVision’s Commodity Manager software program for all the incoming corn, soybean meal, and oats that it processes into livestock feed.

It also uses Commodity Manager to track all of the 2 million bushels of corn and oats that the company purchases annually for its feed products.

“As we turn that grain into feed,” Pollema explains, “Commodity Manager tracks it from the scale to the truck, and to deliveries to the farms where the feed is consumed by our customers’ livestock.”

Pollema also finds that Commodity Manager works very well when federal and state grain examinations are conducted at Hull Feed & Produce.

“It makes the whole process much simpler for going through the examinations by both the federal and state regulators,” Pollema concludes.

Financial Accounting

Hull Feed & Produce also uses AgVision’s financial accounting software, which is custom-designed for each agribusiness or cooperative to account for cash flow and income statements.

“It handles all of our individual customer accounts,” he adds, “and it does all of our invoicing, billing, and end-of-the-month statements.”

Pollema also is pleased with AgVision’s customer service. “Their support staff is great, and if you have questions, you can get them answered right away. They are a really good company to work with.”

Jerry Perkins, contributing writer

This article was taken from May/June Grain Journal 2021


Hull Feed & Produce, Inc.

Hull, IA • 712-439-1851

Doug Pollema, Manager and Owner

Founded: Early 1950s.

Actual storage capacity: 800,000 bushels.

Grain volume: 2 million bushels per year.

Feed volume: 100,000 tons per year.

Annual grain purchases: Undisclosed.

Annual sales: Undisclosed.

Crops handled: Corn and oats.

Number of employees: 6 full-time, 3 part-time.

Software Vendor

Ankeny, IA


Shelley Laracuente, Marketing Manager

Grain accounting software: AgVision Commodity Manager and Scale Interface.

Operating systems: Microsoft Windows Server and Microsoft Windows Desktop.

Software options: General ledger, disbursements, payroll, accounts receivable/bookings and prepaids, accounts payable, inventory, degree day and budget billing, fertilizer, seed, feed manufacturing, custom mixes, patron equity, and

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