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Muscatine, IA 52761

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Through our vast history and experience, we are a nationally recognized leader in the design and construction of cast-in-place, reinforced concrete storage silos and chimneys.

In the 1970’s, Hoffmann expanded its customer base and began building cast-in-place reinforced concrete storage structures with increased diameters.

These larger diameter storage silos were constructed using the jumpform technique. Jumpform construction also became an efficient method for building industrial concrete chimneys.

As diameters expanded over 90 feet, Hoffmann expanded our construction capabilities.

The slipform technique was and is used as an additional method for constructing cast-in-place reinforced concrete silos and chimneys. Slipforming is also used for cylindrical structures having a common wall, square, or irregular configurations.

Hoffmann is one of a few U.S. companies that offer both jumpform and slipform concrete storage silos, chimneys, and specialty structures.

Several factors led Hoffmann into the fabrication and installation of steel stacks.

First, Hoffmann began offering fabricated steel items as an added service to our customers of concrete silos and chimneys. Second, we were constructing concrete chimneys in the same industries requiring steel stacks.

Hoffmann now supplies steel stacks in a large variety of configurations. Design, fabrication and erection services are offered for any size of steel stack required for domestic use or export.

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