Kice Industries, Inc.

5500 Mill Heights Dr.
Wichita, KS 67219

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Whether it’s filtering, pneumatic conveyance, blending, dust control, or a complete processing facility, Kice Industries works closely with our customers to deliver the best solution they need for their process.

We’re family owned & operated so making air products and services is more than just a day job for us.

Our employees and customers are our most valuable assets. We take seriously the strong relationship we have with both, and are committed to a positive and long-term connection with each.

Kice Industries was originally organized as a four-way partnership in 1945 at the end of WWII when J.W. “Bill” Kice and his three sons, Jack, Russell and Jim started construction of the first shop building. They started operating as a business in January 1946.

At that time, the business was known as Kice Metal Products Company.

Beginning in May 1968, they began operating as a family-held corporation.

Before then they did not pay much attention to titles (everybody did what had to be done), but each partner had his basic responsibility for production and service.

Jack (the eldest son) handled engineering and advertising, Russell handled sales and administration, and Jim was in charge of manufacturing.

Bill retired soon after incorporation but continued as Board Chairman several years.

Russ became President and Sales Manager; Jim’s title was V.P., Production; and Jack’s was V.P., Engineering.

Jack was elected Board Chairman when Bill died in 1972 and held both titles until he retired on his 70th birthday, Jan. 10, 1985. At that time, Jim took his place as Board Chairman.

Russell’s and Jim’s sons all held positions with the company.

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