M&M Specialty Services

PO Box 133
Lansing, KS 66043

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M&M Specialty Services, LLC specializes in protecting your people with the best in quality and affordability in personal protection products from head to toe and beyond.

We protect your products by supplying you with field tested quality products for pre-treating empty bins and facility areas – Grain Protectants – IGR’s – and Fumigants.

Along with our top-notch product lines, we also provide training and instruction on proper use of all our products. When the circumstance arises, we offer custom applications on anything from spray downs to fumigations.

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M&M Specialty Services in the Equipment Catalog

  • Safety/Maintenance Equipment - Gas Monitors, Safety Equipment, Self-Closing Swing Gate
  • Stored Grain Management - Tank Mix Diacon & Centynal, D&C Spray System, D&C Spray System, M&M Specialty Services

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